Bihać is a town in the northwestern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, situated faraway from well-known roads, city on river Una, but at the same time it is a town which has rich and long history to offer, and it is the center of Una-Sana Canton.

Church of St. Anthony is one of the three largest churches in the in Bosnia, built in the late 19th century, and next to the tower of the church is a large stone sarcophagus. Today, what remains of the church is only the tower that is located next to a brick tomb (mausoleum).

The stone tomb dates from the time of the Austro-Hungarian rule, but the exact time of its construction is unknown. Till this day, several legends are preserved about its origin, as well as who is buried in it.

Besides all the attractions related to the historical heritage, Bihać and its surroundings will be a delight for all those who like sports, where rafting on river Una is predominant; right after rafting comes sailing, biking, hunting and fishing.

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