Blagaj is an inhabited town which belongs to the minicipality of Mostar and it is located 12 km south east of Mostar. Below the town the spring of river Buna is located. Beneath the cliffs higher than several hundered meters river Buna starts its journey. the capacity of the spring is 43 cubic meters per secondand it represents one of the strongest karst waters in Europe.

Spring of river buna is a protected nature resort. beside the spring itself there is a famous Sufi Tekke which represents a significant cutural monument from the early Ottoman period. This is the place there member of the Sufi order conduct, till this day, zikr (prise to the Lord).

The Tekke was established soon after the fall of Herzegovina under the Ottoman rule in 1446. Tekke in Blagaj belonged to different Sufi orders, first to Bektasi order, than to Khatwati order, and later to Qadariyya order. today it is led by Vekil, person who is representing the teacher- sheikh, from Naqshibandi order.

The Tekke was reconstructed several times, but in the year 2012. its authentic look was brought back to it. The main stakeholder of the reconstruction of the 600 year old Tekke was the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Turkish Agency Fidan Torus invested the money which was need for the reconstruction. Because of this, the Tekke was given to them for use in next 33 years. Beside the Tekke, it is worth mentioning Blagaj’s Stronghold ili Stjepangrad, which represents a separate teritorial unit from the rest of the town. The Stronghold was built on a high, unapproachable cliff, on the altitude of 310m above the sea level, and 266m above the spring of river Buna.