Blagaj is an inhabited town which belongs to the minicipality of Mostar and it is located 12 km south east of Mostar. Below the town the spring of river Buna is located. Beneath the cliffs higher than several hundered meters river Buna starts its journey. the capacity of the spring is 43 cubic meters per […]

Sarajevo cover

Sarajevo, with four municipalities in its composition, the Old City, Center, New City and New Sarajevo, represents population of around half a milion city. It is the capital city, economic, cultural and administrative center of Bosnia nad Herzegovina. Sarajevo is located in the south-eastern part of Sarajevo-Zenica basin and the eastern part of Sarajevo plain, where […]

Travnik is a town in central Bosnia and it is the administrative, cultural and political center of Central Bosnia Canton. It is located at 514m above sea level in the valley of the river Lašva, which runs through the city from west to east, before its confluence with the river Bosna. As with many other […]

Tuzla is located in Tuzla basin and the southeastern slopes of Mount Majevica, in the valley of the river Jala and Solina. It represents the economic, cultural and administrative center of Tuzla Canton. In written sources Tuzla was first mentioned in the work of the Byzantine emperor and historian Constantine Porphyrogenitus’ De Administrando Imperio “from […]

  Bihać is a town in the northwestern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, situated faraway from well-known roads, city on river Una, but at the same time it is a town which has rich and long history to offer, and it is the center of Una-Sana Canton. Welcome to Bihać, town of all time, with […]