Travnik is a town in central Bosnia and it is the administrative, cultural and political center of Central Bosnia Canton. It is located at 514m above sea level in the valley of the river Lašva, which runs through the city from west to east, before its confluence with the river Bosna.

As with many other Bosnian towns, tourism in Travnik is based on the historical and geographical factor.

Vlasic Mountain is a great place for skiing, hiking and sledding and the main tourist attraction of this region.

As the city, Travnik is also very interesting mainly because of the many buildings that date back to the Ottoman period and are very well preserved, such as the numerous mosques, oriental homes, clock tower and the street fountains.

The old town dates from the 15th century, when Sultan Mehmed II Fatih conquered Bosnia and Travnik in 1463. The most interesting places to visit in Travnik are: the Fort – forgotten medieval name Gabon, hides doubts about Bosnian king-builder from the 15th century who had, before Bosnia fell whispering, raised on a hill above the Hendek, the stream that flows in winter and drains in the summer.
Blue water-source of Blue water, stream Hendek and the river Lasva gave special touch to this part of the town for centuries, and because of the constant roar of water, this neighborhood was named, Šumeće. Clock Tower – Travnik is the only city in the world with two clock towers .Sun Clock-only city in Bosnia and Herzegovina with a sun clock, furthermore, there are the Konak, Hafizadić house, Andric’s house (Memorial Museum-Birth House of Ivo Andric), mosque-Sulejmani, Jena, Hadji Ali-Bey, tomb, Catholic Church, Orthodox Church, the Franciscan monastery “Guca Gora”, madrassa, Museum …..